TMS Therapy

TMS is a very safe and gentle treatment. It uses the same technology as MRI machines used in hospitals to take pictures inside the body. There is no electrical shock, no radiation, and no anesthesia necessary. The patient is alert throughout the entire treatment and will have no memory loss or clouding of consciousness. As soon as the treatment is over, patients stand up immediately, walk to their car and drive to work, or wherever else they choose. There is no “down time” with TMS.

The typical candidate for TMS treatment in our practice is someone who has recurrent or chronic depression that has not fully responded to traditional treatments and has not completely remitted (resolved). Under Dr. Rao’s care, over 60% of patients achieve full remission, or recovery, from their depression; another 20 to 30% of patients improve to a mild level of depression.

During 6 months of followup, all of Dr. Rao’s patients have retained their improvement from depression–in other words, no one relapsed or slipped back into depression. Furthermore, some patients continued to improve weeks and months after their TMS treatment was over. For example, one patient, who started therapy at a very severe level of depression improved to a mild level of depression. After her treatment was completed, she continued to improve, and 2 months later she was fully recovered.

If you think you are experiencing depression, you should see a health professional for evaluation and recommendations regarding treatment. A good first person to contact might be your primary care physician. Depending on the severity of the depression, they might treat you themselves or refer you to a mental health professional for treatment. Psychotherapy can be performed by several types of mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists (MD), psychologists(MA or Ph.D.), social workers (MSW or ACSW) or licensed professional counselors (LPC). Prescription of antidepressant medicines and treatment with TMS can only be provided by an M.D.

Dr. Rao is the only physician in Tulsa licensed to prescribe and administer TMS.

Dr. Rao offers TMS Therapy as a treatment for depressed patients who have not responded adequately to traditional treatments, namely,
antidepressants and psychotherapy. The patients we have treated so
far have had chronic or recurrent depression for many years which has
failed to resolve despite years of psychotherapy and multiple trials of
antidepressants. Our success rate with these patients has been over 90%.

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